Wednesday, August 21, 2019

My First Post!

Hi everyone! I'm Tabitha and it's so good to meet you!

Are you a homeschooler? Or possibly trying to decide? Intimidated? About to quit because it's overwhelming?

For the first time, I feel pretty comfortable saying, I'm an experienced homeschool mom. And I can also say, I'm just starting this journey.

This year I have one child entering Kindergarten and my oldest daughter is only 5 classes away from her Associates degree in college! That's right...I have children on both sides of this journey at the same time. I'm the mom of 4 beautiful children, who I believe with all my heart God placed in my arms to raise the best I could. The best I could wasn't always pretty and I made so many, many mistakes along the way. I stumbled through a decade of homeschooling and somehow, through God's wonderful and unending grace, made it to the other side with my first child.

There are so many things I would do differently if I could start over, and other things I would keep exactly the same, but the one thing I hope for this next decade is FEARLESSNESS!

As I'm starting at the beginning with my youngest and last child, I hope for this journey to be far more enjoyable. I stressed over so many tiny things, that now I laugh about and shrug my shoulders. Like taking three full days to plan out my whole year, dates added in pen, only for my husband to get a week off work the very second week! (Laughing at the humorous way God teaches us to chill out!)

I almost called this blog Change of Plans!

My homeschooling journey has consisted of a heap load of changed plans, failures, messes, and stresses. But I worried through ALL of them that I would mess my children up royally...and somehow I didn't. Grace. That's the only way I made it. By God's absolutely astounding grace, my oldest child got into college at 14, and now at 16 1/2, she's near graduating with honors.

Looking back at my journey with her and what lies ahead, I'm excited to take this on as God leads us through the second half of our homeschooling journey. I can say with confidence...if I could do this with God's grace, if you lean on God and you have a calling to do this, so can you!! I was the biggest failure of them all. We went through the reconstruction from 2 hurricanes, 1 flood, we moved 4 times, had 3 babies distracting us, a broken ankle, and a very bad car wreck...each of which I threw up my hands and "gave up" on any structured homeschooling. Those were all at different times, so I've been homeschooling 12 years and had huge giving up times 10 of those years. Umm...yeah. Let's just say God shook the structured perfectionism in homeschooling right out of my system!

So, here's to the next 12 or so years!

I hope you follow along, ask lots of questions, and give and recieve encouragement on this long journey we are called to as our children's mentors.

Let me know in the comments if you homeschool and I'd love to know where you are in your journey. Whether you are reading out of curiosity about a very different lifestyle than your own, or you're in the thick of homeschooling fears and failures and just need a little encouragement in the process...WELCOME!

(Please be patient while I figure out pictures and all those blogging goodies.)

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